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Why is this

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Take a good look at this image.
The image you’re seeing is revealing a shocking statistic
EVERY American needs to be aware of…

Heart disease kills
every 1 in 4 Americans

And in a moment, I’m going to reveal how it all led to the clever invention of a practical device to help with the early detection of high blood pressure and heart disease... and how you can get your very own... for FREE.

But did you know...
That just last year over 600,000 Americans died because of heart disease?...

Making it the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide for both men and women.

But what’s even more concerning is that deaths related to heart disease are increasing by a dramatic percentage.

On top of it...

About 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, with 90% of cases being type 2 diabetes.

And what most people don’t know is that these two diseases are closely related.

Diabetes affects the blood vessels and the blood vessels in your heart which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Those who have diabetes will likely have a heart attack or stroke at some point.

Diabetes affects the blood vessels and the blood vessels in your heart which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Those who have diabetes will likely have a heart attack or stroke at some point.

New research shows that the death rate is 6 times higher among adults over 40 with diagnosed heart failure compared to those without.

While this may sound obvious it reveals an important hint...

The death count is so high because a staggering 88% of people DO NOT KNOW what is going on with their bodies.

Only a shy 12% tracks their health status regularly!
Do you know what your current weight, sugar level, cholesterol or blood pressure after climbing 3 stories is?

But more importantly...
Do you know how these numbers have changed in the last 3 years?
You probably don’t (like the majority of us).

And look,... I'm not just citing all these studies and researches to scare you... It's quite the opposite...I want people to finally wake up and embrace this disastrous and widespread, yet hidden danger in our society. I want you to take matters into your own hands by being proactive and not just seeing your doctor when you're sick.

You see,... The early detection of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can help you reduce your risk of heart disease significantly. And it’s easy to track sugar levels, blood pressure or your heart rate... IF you have the right tools for that. But the traditional tracking devices are NOT ideal for the average American like me and you.

For starters,
it’s ridiculously expensive (all these devices can cost well above $800 over the course of a year)... And they can be VERY complicated to setup and time-intensive to use on a daily basis. So you can either get your health checked with expensive devices or by your doctor (and results usually come 2-3 weeks delayed)... Or live a life not knowing what’s happening inside your body and never finding the potential trouble-maker... Just leaving it up to faith. Which is the exact reason why after months and months of research to find a better solution,...

We took the idea of the

“FitBit” Fitness Tracker...

and added 3 main extra features to help people detect the early stages of high blood pressure and heart disease. Letting you keep track of your health at all times...

Without putting in the work and eliminating all the “what ifs”. This tiny little device that I call the “Guardz” is invaluable for those of us who don't move enough or perform medical exams routinely. It’s like having a real medical assistant on your wrist - 24/7!

That's right, you can get ALL the same benefits without the high stacking bills, long and unbearable doctor visits.

To help combat heart disease here in America…

and due to this being a limited public launch we are giving away 500 Guardz Smartwatches – at no cost.

What's the catch?

you’re probably thinking...
There is none.

Our goal is to get this into the hands of every American!
And to be honest... This free giveaway allows us to test and streamline our backend processes/operations and gain valuable feedback...

You see, I expect to SELL OUT of these 500 units in the next few days if not sooner... Which is just the right amount for a “stress test” on our teams and factories to prepare them for our nationwide launch, at full price, next week.

Which means, while this offer is still live, you have the perfect opportunity to ‘take advantage’ and get a $99 product for free if you cover the $5.95 shipping & handling.

Better than its competitors...

Without the hefty price tag.

Our goal has been to deliver the highest quality product and beat similar popular brands.

Expensive competitors such as the “FitBit” or "Apple Watch" do not have the same capabilities as our Guardz smartwatch...
Our smartwatch is a newly modeled, upgraded fitness tracker...
With better and additional features.

On top of it the "FitBit" can cost up to $150...
While the popular Apple Watch retails for $500!
Needless to say this isn’t affordable for a lot of people.

This is the exact device that you’ll get

We have not compromised
on any features

Next Gen Model

The Smartwatch comes with a brand new intelligent chip, stronger detection, motion sensors, and reliable data storage to access your info within the app

Metal Hardcase

A rigid and scratch resistant metal body protects your smartwatch from damages

Ultra Long Standby Time

The durable and reliable battery ensures an usage of up to 12 days and even up to 30 days in standby mode.

IP67 Waterproof

The improved waterproof case comfortably allows you to enjoy any outdoor activity


You Love It Or Don’t Pay!

I’m giving you a FULL 30-days to test the Guardz Smartwatch for yourself and try out all of its features. I want you to feel a difference in your health once you start putting it to use. With zero risk on your part!

If you’re not satisfied for any reason during this time, just send back your order and my customer support team will give you a prompt and speedy refund.

The Effortless Way to

Combat Heart Disease!

The Guardz Smartwatch Is The Answer
Americans Have Been Waiting For

Heart Rate Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Tracks your Daily Steps

Waterproof & Shock Resistant

Track Your Achievements

iOS & Android Compatible

Sedentary Reminder

Monitors your Sleep

No Charger Needed

Call and Message Notifications

With Your Free Guardz Smartwatch,

You Get Free Bonuses

Feature-rich App
($19.99 value)

Not only does your smartwatch come with a manual and charging cable but also with an incredibly powerful and easy to use smartphone app. This app lets you keep track of all your logs, ranging from your sleep pattern, burned calories to your heart rate and blood pressure. The realtime synchronization also lets you stay on top of missed calls or messages

Free “21 Days to a Healthy Heart” Book
($29.95 value)

Based on dozens of studies, research and examination of traditional cultures with the lowest rates for heart disease, our 35-page long book shows you the simple yet effective 21 day routine you can start today to fight heart disease and improve your overall health. And on page 24 we reveal how to stop cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth while reducing the risk of heart diseases or strokes.

Free Guardz Academy with Member Reports
($799 value)

Each month, your Member Reports will be posted in your Guardz Academy portal. These reports give you access to the latest research findings on weight loss, diabetes, chronic pain, anti-aging and other kinds of alternative health breakthroughs that can help you and those you care about most.

First Access To Medical Breakthroughs

Whenever our team comes upon a new natural breakthrough from experts, you'll be the first to know about it. We'll tell you what to do, how to do it and for how long so you can reap the full reward.

What's the catch?

There is none.

As mentioned we are only giving these away to test and streamline our backend processes/operations and gain valuable feedback.

Our Goal

I expect to SELL OUT of these 500 units in the next few days if not sooner... Which is just the right amount for a “stress test” on our teams and factories to prepare them for our nationwide launch, at full price, next week.


And as an added bonus, we're giving the lucky 500 an exclusive invitation to our new Guardz Academy - an online community that costs just $37 a month with some of the latest, most effective natural health breakthroughs and secrets that are otherwise hidden from the American public.

As you can see, customers are loving it...
And we would like you to be our next success story

  • Dorothea M.

    Miami, FL

    Cool smart watch! It provides information like heart rate, calorie consumption, how many steps you take, and so on. It also has a reminder of email, phone call, text message, etc. The battery also lasts very long! I just charged it once and used it for over a week! I'm telling everyone about it.

  • Beth P.

    New York, NY

    Fun checking out what your body is doing. How many steps I do a day is fun to see. As well as measuring my heart rate and blood pressure. This works great and fits just wonderful! Does all the things I wanted it to do

  • Michael S.

    Austin, TX

    I have been wearing my watch for 4 days. The accuracy of the watch is pretty spot on. I've been wearing the watch for the past 4 days and with actively using my watch it is sitting at 84% battery life. The watch is easy to use and set up.

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